le 15 novembre 2017

Portrait : William Tragarz, EMYG’s new business developper

EMYG is home to quite a few atypical profiles and even sometimes people with a strong artistic side. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the latest member to join us, William TRAGARZ, is of that kind… with a passion for the sea and the best it has to offer when you lie on its bottom in perfect silence. « Time comes to as stop, all is but luxury, calm and voluptuousness as Beaudelaire would say” says William to explain what he loves about diving. It’s to this passionate of the ocean’s depth that EMYG’s general management decided to entrust the mission of developing the North European market, one of the company’s privileged zone.

At 48, William who is trilingual built his experience in different major corporations in the sector of heating and sanitary activities. “My work consisted essentially in winning tenders and establishing links between my company and architects. I followed the projects from kick-off to closing.”  As a child, William had two dreams: become a fighter pilot or an architect. And thanks to his career path, he managed to fulfil one of his dreams by ending up working close to famous architects such as Jean Nouvel, Philippe Stark or Patrick Berger.

And since life crosses different paths,  2001-2006 was a period during which EMYG’s new business developer left Paris for the South East of France where he joined the commercial team of Fiat before learning Spanish and heading for Mexico to help restructure a family business involved in the raising of… crocodiles! « I went to Cassis because I wanted Henri Cosquer (the discoverer of the Cosquer prehistorical underwater cave) to teach me his art: scuba diving.  Regarding my adventure in Mexico, it was mainly the family ties I had with this company that made me take up the challenge. I grew up in my father’s leather production boutique so I knew all about the leather trade. This enterprise needed help. But what is awesome is that my experience in the crocodile farm is now helping me understand the aquaculture sector! »

The sales trade lets you experience multiple worlds giving you the impression of leading several different lives.  This was perfectly suited to William Tragarz whose hyperactivity – tempered by Yoga and diving – gave him no other choice but to look for adventures close to his dreams. “I had been interested in EMYG for 2 or 3 years and I knew I wanted to be part of their team. INNOPURE® and the Living Seafood Chain are like a dream because they revolutionize an entire trade! I wanted to be part of this and to join a family enterprise with a true vision and intact values.”

Welcome on board William !