The live chain

Based on the INNOPURE® technology and applications, EMYG Environment & Aquaculture created the Living Seafood Chain.
It is now possible to store and ship shellfish and live crustaceans in their water of origin: from ocean to plate!


The Living Seafood Chain® is a dream come true, that of being able to enjoy seafood products from the world over as fresh as if they had just come out of the sea. Genuine substitute for the cold chain, the Living Seafood Chain® will let you enjoy the taste and quality of the original products: guaranteeing their freshness, improving the well-being of the live animals and facilitating logistics for those involved in this sector.
I immediately thought that this dream could become a reality when I saw the potential of INNOPURE® technology. Thanks to years of research and development and to the commitment of the entire EMYG team, I am proud to see that we have been able to develop this chain, link by link: from fishermen to restaurants, through wholesalers and distributors, and of course along with our partner CMA CGM for the shipping part. "
Giancarlo FAGIANO - President of EMYG Environment & Aquaculture

Shipping: MASTER Link
of the Living Seafood Chain

For the first time, the Living Seafood Chain allows to import or export up to 1.3 tons of product and to keep the live animals in storage for several months, in conditions closest to their natural environment. This innovation is revolutionizing practices since it allows them to limit the number of intermediaries and sell their products without being dependent on short term storage in line with sales periods, and thus to anticipate the market prices of consumption of both shellfish and crustaceans.

From ocean to plate...

the living seafood chain®
it makes possible to:

Transport live shellfish
and crustaceans in water

Guaranty the freshness of
the products wherever they come from

Guaranty the health security and
traceability of shellfish and crustaceans

Limit CO2 emissions
with sea transport

Limit CO2 emissions per Kg of lobster
> by air: 3,600 grams
> by boat: 406 grams

90% of products were shipped
frozen or deep-frozen by boat
10% of shellfish & crustaceans were
shipped live, out of water, by air transport
The mortality rate
was high
Short use-by-date period
and dependence on market prices.
Taste and quality properties were lost,
imported or exported products were depreciated.
Shellfish and crustaceans are
kept alive, from ocean to plate.
Keeping conditions closest to those
of their natural environment.
Low mortality
Possibility to anticipate market prices thanks
to availability of products over several months.
Taste properties and quality recognised
by a Michelin-starred chef!