As a truly transportable closed circuit system, this container featuring INNOPURE® technology, is the result of EMYG Environment & Aquaculture's expertise in long-term closed-circuit water treatment.

  • The best storage conditions for shipping

    Five years of research and development opened the way to adapt INNOPURE® to a container. Loaded on a boat, a wagon or a truck, it now enables to transport lobsters, and potentially all live shellfish and crustaceans.
    Water treatment under the micron in a closed circuit, offers unrivaled storage quality for long journeys.

  • Transporting fresh produce from the world over

    Thanks to this solution, the import and export of live lobster is possible whatever the place of fishing and location of the consumer. The lobster transported in an environment closest to its natural environment, no longer suffers from the stress of traveling out of the water. On arrival, the mortality rate is low and the flavor qualities of the product are intact.

  • The lobster, first species to travel under ideal conditions

    The lobster, a high-value product of the sea, is the first to be transported alive. The water is kept at ideal temperatures for the specie, whatever the external weather conditions: the container was tested at -30 ° C and up to + 40 ° C. Characteristics of the natural marine environment are reproduced in order to allow lobsters to travel in the best conditions for preservation.


The exclusive partnership with CMA CGM for maritime transport opens unprecedented possibilities: the preservation of the quality of origin of shellfish during import or export.

Today lobsters, tomorrow crustaceans and shellfish from the world over

Research & Development efforts continue to extend the possibilities to other crustaceans and shellfish. Some species are still not transportable due to their fragility or geographical location. Soon, Canada's snow crab or the spider crab from the south of France will be tasted the world over with all the freshness of a morning catch.