le 14 février 2018

En route to Brittany !

En route to Brittany with our sales guy based in Vannes, Romain Laviale. Positioned in the region since two years for EMYG, he tells us about two important contracts landed at the end of last year. Installations are scheduled for the first half of 2018.


The end of 2017 was very successful with the signing of two contracts with key actors in Brittany: 5 degrés Ouest and La Famille Boutrais!

In fact, 2017 gave birth to two wonderful partnerships that hold great value to us: Cinq degrés ouest for their innovation and La Famille Boutrais with its 20 years of existence.

Cinq degrés ouest is located in Lorient and proposes shell-off ready-to-eat shellfish and crustaceans.  For this, they use an innovative process which enables to preserve the taste and texture of these products. For the storage, EMYG will install four SKIMs as well as a biological filtration system to guaranty a quality as close as possible to the natural environment quality to 6 tons of shellfish and 8 tons of crustaceans.

La famille Boutrais for its part is made up of oyster aquaculturists whose passion was handed down from father to son and who share their production between Brittany and Ireland where their story began. They will rely on three EMYG SKIMs to store and purify 16 tons of oysters in ponds and 7 tons in wet shower storage.

What these two actors have in common is to propose high quality top notch products. I believe that this is where our offer makes the difference.


Every day you travel the roads of Brittany to meet your clients and prospects. Can you give us your impression of the region’s shellfish and crustaceans sector?

It’s on the move! It’s a dynamic sector that is undergoing transformations and it’s very interesting to exchange with each of the actors to better understand how things are changing.  At this moment for instance, we can see that the seafood wholesalers are trying to gain more autonomy: they are very interested in the possibility of storing shellfish and crustaceans to circumvent bad weather conditions or other unforeseen events and always have fresh products available. The closed circuit option thus benefits from a growing interest and we definitely have a role to play there.


What advantage does EMYG have in Brittany given that its head office is based in the Mediterranean?

Well I’m a Breton myself! Seriously speaking, I think that there are many reasons explaining the success of our actions. Obviously my presence on a daily basis besides the actors in the field enables me to better understand their reality and imagine how we can provide them with what they need. This good knowledge of the field is essential. And then I try as much as I can to have our prospects visit other EMYG clients. We are lucky to have clients in Brittany who own the entire range of our solutions. And according to their need, I take these potential clients on visits to existing installations. They can see concretely the result of what we offer and most important, they can exchange together on our solutions. There’s no better salesperson for us than an EMYG client! And this helps me remain attentive to what’s going on and to accompany them at best whether they are future or existing partners.