le 22 janvier 2018

Alexandra Fagiano, a simple yet determined “intra-preneur”

Alexandra soon realized in her career that she would want to work inside her family. After 6 years of studies abroad, it became even more obvious to her. With a degree from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, she first had a few work experiences before being the first to integrate the family company dedicated to the distribution of equipment for the transformation and preservation of food. She developed this activity and worked her way up to generate a 2.5 million turnover. While keeping a foot in this operation, she joined the team of the other family company, EMYG Environment & Aquaculture, in February 2015 as director of operations.

Her first challenge was to prove her worth within the team: « At EMYG, the whole team is very loyal, many people are there since the beginning and they saw me grow up! When I arrived I strived to prove I was capable of taking on the job, to earn their adhesion and trust. »

At Emyg, she’s the conductor. She loves people and taking up challenges. The departments are well coordinated: R&D, sales, procurement, finance, HR, communications. With her warmth and simplicity, Alexandra proves that determination and empathy are two precious assets to motivate the teams: “I propose an objective and make sure that everybody agrees with this goal and how to achieve it. Careful listening and attention are essential as well as the capacity to bring the right management and material responses to improve work conditions and quality. I also strive to foster the dynamism they need to stay vigilant, critical and ambitious! » Alexandra has a taste for entrepreneurship and every morning she shows this with her good humor and capacity to take up challenges. Her secret? A capacity to put things back in perspective without ever giving in.


Three questions were addressed to her to get a better sense of where she stands after 3 years at EMYG.

What is your favorite moment of the day (And why?)

Each time that we, as a team, finalize a project successfully, find a new solution or develop a tool to improve our everyday life. It’s really great to feel that each day together, we add new blocks to the building.

What was your biggest stress?

The first test shipping of live lobster! They sailed across the Atlantic between Halifax in Canada and Amsterdam. The toughest moment was during the veterinary control when they arrived to port. Except for our R&D manager, Armand Lejeune, nobody wanted to know the results of the control. Two hours of waiting with 5 years of R&D and the credibility of our transport solution at stake. In other words, the result would determine the future of the Living Chain®. But what relief it was to hear that the mortality rate after this first trip was close to nil!!!

Taking a closer look, what was your greatest success?

Having managed to foster, along with the management team, harmony and unity in our company with a single goal in mind: conquer the world and be happy to come to work at EMYG every morning!